Friday, 26 June 2009


Hey guys, hope your all good. Well my ups and downs for this week are:

* Booked tickets to go and see Bloc Party in October and Backstreet Boys in November. So excited!!! And yes, i do have varied musical tastes lol

* Love my new Warehouse dress for my friends birthday night out

* Risotto for dinner mmmmmm, well I'm hoping its mmmmm, Ive been known to have the odd culinary disaster. Scrambled egg carbonara anyone?

* The weather

* Going to my towns fayre on Sunday, hope the weather is nice

* Been on lots of lovely countryside walks this week

* Michael Jackson's death :(

* Nearly getting savaged by a rabid dog

* Needing new foundation, i want to try something different. Any recommendations for an amazing one?

More ups than downs, always good!!

Why not enter my giveaway. Im hearing some really funny stories so far. Thanks, Lou xx

40 followers whoop- Giveaway

Yay Ive reached 40 followers. Thank you guys that's amazing. As i said a few days ago, when i reach 40 I'm going to have a little give competition.

So here it is, nothing too extravagant though sorry guys. Just a token of my appreciation.

Ill be giving away a pack of Girls Aloud lashes and a Barry M nail polish. I haven't bought them yet so the winner is free to choose the lashes and colour of polish they want.

All you have to do is write a comment on this post telling me the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you. Tales of tripping over in front of crushes are always welcome, sorry ladies haha.

Ill be drawing the winner next Friday so you have a week to enter. Id like more than 10 people though, it makes it fun, so if less people enter i may have to postpone.

Oh and the only rule is that you HAVE to be a FOLLOWER. Thanks guys, this will be fun, Lou xxx

ps- dont forget to check out Reaching for the stars fab giveaway, it ends tonight

My Sister's Keeper review

I got some preview tickets and went to see My Sisters Keeper last night and all i can say is omg take tissues.

Its based on the book by Jodi Picoult, which alot of you may have read, but the film is slightly different. It stars Cameron Diaz who is absolutely amazing in it. Its nice to see her playing a different type of character and she does it so well. Her co- stars are equally wonderful.

Abigail Breslin stars as Anna, a 13-year-old girl who was conceived by IVF in order to be a genetic match for her older sister, Kate, who has battled leukemia since childhood. Despite being a normal, healthy child, Anna has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions and injections for the sake of her sister's health. Now, when she must forgo the opportunity to go to a prestigious hockey camp in order to donate a kidney to her sister who has gone into renal failure, Anna decides that enough is enough and sues her parents for medical emancipation.
Taken from

I literally have never cried so much watching a film, I'm taking this as a good sign haha. The performances and plot are amazing. I will definitely be buying the DVD. Amazing, Lou xx

20 questions tag

Good morning people!!!

No one tagged me in this but Ive seen it knocking around and couldn't resist

1. Things you cannot leave the house without:
Phone,keys, a mirror, lip gloss, powder and ipod, i cant live without it.

2. Favourite brand of Make Up:
I'm not loyal to one brand, i like different brands for different things. Probably Lancome, Nars and Benefit.

3. Favourite flower:
Orchids maybe?

4. Favourite clothing store:
Ideally Harvey Nichols but usually its Topshop.

5. Favourite perfume:
Coco Mademoiselle or Viktor & Rolf flowerbomb, but i still haven't got that yet:(

6. Heels or Flats:
Flats in the day, I'm tall anyway 5'10 but always heels for night time.

7. Do you make good grades:
Pretty average really, i get bored really easily.

8. Favourite colours:
I love white and nude clothes but i never tire of turquoise and coral either.

9. Do you drink energy drinks:
Only occasionally with vodka ;)

10. Do you drink juice:
Nope never

11. Do you like swimming:
I love love love swimming. I haven't been since i went travelling last year though. Need to get down to my local pool.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork:
Depends on the situation, in restaurants, yes. At home, no.

13. Favourite moisturiser:
I don't have a fave facial one, but Palmer's cocoa butter for body

14. Do you want to get married later on in life:
Yes definitely. Not until I'm about 28, i still need to find him though haha.

15. Do you get mad easily:
Hmmm depends on the situation and who the person is. Not easily no.

16. Are you into ghost hunting:
A friend of mine always goes to these things, Pays lots for them, id be too scared.

17. Any phobias:
Birds. Its the flapping wings:(

18. Do you bite your nails:

19. Have you ever had a near death experience:
No, touch wood

20. Do you drink coffee -
No, i like the smell, but the taste is disgusting. I like the idea of walking around with a Starbucks but my tongue wont allow it

That filled 5 mins lol. I invite everyone to do it, have a nice day, Lou xx

RIP Michael Jackson

The King of Pop has died at the young age of 50. So sad!!!

I hope his kids and family arent hounded by the press, Night guys, Lou xxx

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Rant of the day

Who lets their dog out alone? They are not cats!!! I was out walking with a friend earlier when an evil Alsatian started to harass us.

At first it was just sniffing around, pretty harmless. We kept walking, my friend is terrified of dogs so he looked like he was going to pass out. It followed us and then started barking and growling. I seriously thought it was going to bite us. It only stopped when it wandered into someones garden.
It really annoyed me, come on, if your going to have a dog at least bother to walk it yourself, don't just let it wander around by itself causing mischief. Enough moaning from me now haha. Its such a lovely day (well apart from the savage dogs out) Lou xx

Monday, 22 June 2009

Primark nail varnish and lipgloss reviews

As you may have seen from an earlier post i bought a Primark lip gloss and nail varnishes the other day. Ive used them and wanted to let you know how i got on with them.

The packaging doesn't reveal any names but the gloss is a peachy/orange colour and the nail varnishes are mint and sparkly jade.
The gloss is not very pigmented and i felt like i had to use alot in order for it to show up. Its not incredibly thin but as someone who likes a thick gloss eg Juicy tubes, this didn't work for me. The gloss seemed to wear off rapidly without eating and drinking and left my lips feeling dry. Not too surprised really as it was only £1.00.

I was pleasantly surprised with the nail varnish. It had a good consistency and the brush was a reasonable size. I had to apply 3 coats which then gave good coverage and it has lasted 2 days without chipping so far. The colour reminds me of Barry M's mint green. I received loads of compliments about it today, which is always nice.

Apologies for the slightly blurry photos. I need to get my other camera fixed as i damaged it whilst travelling :(
Lou xx

I won 2 awards yayyyyyy

Thank you so much to the lovely ladies Passion for fashion and Lou Lou land for giving me these brill blog awards.

Their blogs are so fun to read, I'm flattered they've given me these. I haven't been blogging for that long and its fab to think people are reading my blog, never mind liking it. So thanks again girls!!!

The five people i have chosen to pass this much coveted prize to are:

Phoebes Finds- I just love her great reviews.

Vex in the city- Shes such a funny girl with great taste.

Lily loves Lola- Brilliant blog, love reading about her life and seeing pics of her gorge dogs.

Lauren loves
- Love reading her really interesting blog and the articles she writes.

Hele says- Her knowledge and makeup collection is vast and i love her pics.

Im going to add my awards to my sidebar asap. Lou xxx

Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Last House On The Left review

I went the cinema to watch The Last House On The Left last night.

Its an 18 but i swear everyone watching it was about 15. Don't they check id's anymore. Well enough moaning from me!!!
The plot
After kidnapping and brutally assaulting two young women, a gang led by a prison escapee unknowingly finds refuge at a vacation home belonging the parents of one of the victims -- a mother and father who devise an increasingly gruesome series of revenge tactics. Taken from

All i can say is this is definitely not my sort of film. For a start i hate gore and gratuitous violence and this film features both. The plot line was interesting and definitely emotive but it felt like it went on forever. Not one it watch, Lou x


I wanted so say thanks to my followers, for well "following" me. I love reading everyone elses blogs and its brilliant to think people enjoy reading mine. I'm going to have a lil competition when i reach 40 followers. So ill have to have a think about a fun question, thanks again, Lou xx

Sundays antics

I hope everyones having a nice day. I've spent the day today mooching around the Tate gallery in Liverpool.

It was pretty cool, although i don't understand how somethings can be classed as "art" haha. I picked up a Marilyn Monroe postcard by Andy Warhol. I love Warhol's stuff.

And on my way home i popped into the Miss Selfridge sale and got these earrings.

Lou x

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Primark spree

Happy Saturday people, hope the weather has been good where you are. Its been horrible here, so to cheer myself up a trip to Primark was on the agenda.
Ive wanted a trench coat for ages so i was made up when i saw this at such a great price, it will take me from Summer thorough Autumn effortlessly.

Some cute pillows. My room is black and white so i want to jazz it up a bit and at £2.00 a pillow i just couldn't say no.

Tan flats, i love the gold knotted feature.

Some jewelery. I love Primark for its jewelery. Its so cheap that once Ive gone off it i don't feel bad about wasting money.

And last but not least, a lip gloss and two nail varnishes.

Ive seen their range a few times and was pretty dubious to be honest, but at £1.00 each, i thought why not! I only actually wanted the plain green varnish, glitter isn't really me. I havent tried them yet, ill let you know if their any good tommorow.
I'm off to the cinema tonight to see Last house on the left, Im preparing myself to be scared haha. Have a brilliant night everyone, Lou x

Friday, 19 June 2009

Boots 17

I went to Superdrug to pick myself up a sleek palette today but they didn't have any in my local store. I think I'm going to have to try further afield, but whilst i was in town i took a trip to Boots.
Any offer or freebie is enough to get me grabbing my debit card sharpish, so when i saw this cute makeup bag with a mirror, emery board, lasting fix nail polish and a metallic eye pencil i grabbed two 17 items so i could qualify for the freebie.

I really needed a new mascara and didn't want to spend shed loads so i decided to try the ultimate length one. Id previously used a 17 mascara that i hurriedly picked up in Gatwick airport and i thought it was really good given the price, and yet again 17 hasn't disappointed. I applied 2 coats and it gave a lovely wide eyed effect that lasted all day without smudging. So boo to you Benefit haha.

I also got a shine on lipstick in candy (i think)and it left my lips feeling smooth and moisturised but i don't think the shade is for me so Ive given it to a friend.
The freebies are pretty cool too. The mirror is the perfect size for touch ups, and i can never have enough emery boards. I am yet to use the nail varnish but its a lovely orangy colour and the eye pencil is a bright turquoise. Love a freebie me lol, Lou x

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Guilty pleasure

I am adoring Mr Kipling and his sexy Vienesse whirls tonight, the diet is officially out of the window !!! Lou x

Todays purchases

After work today i took a lil trip to my fave shop, Wilkinsons. I heart it cos its super cheap and what with this bloody recession haha. So i bought:

2x Palmers Cocoa butters- I love this so much. It leaves my skin feeling firm and moisturised and i love the smell. I picked up 2 as i couldn't resist at £1.49. What a bargain! so much cheaper than Boots etc.

Nice and Easy root touch up- I used to used dye all over my hair until i realised the error of my ways, so now i stick to the roots and this blends effortlessly with most shades.

Clean and clear exfoliating face wash- After my disaster with Dermalogica that my skin is still recovering from (I'm pretty annoyed as my skin was reasonably good before, now its horrible) i decided to pick something else up that would hopefully help and wouldn't be as harsh. Id heard a good review about this, and it doesn't contain salicylic acid which is good as I'm thinking it must be the reason for my bad reaction. I used it for the first time earlier and ill let you know how i get on with it.

Sally Hansen french manicure kit- I was in dire need of one of these but sadly i got home and one of my nails broke :( so i may have to wait a few week to use it.

Skin inspirations (think its Wilkinsons own brand) body butter in Coconut- I only bought this because its coconut but I'm glad i did, its gorge. Really thick and it leaves my skin really silky and smelling beautifully.

And the essentials

Mitchum deodorant- This leaves you feeling fresh and sweat free even the day after you've applied, i don't often do this though haha.

Bic razors- I always stick to Bic as i find that they don't irritate like some razors.

That's all folks, not particularly exciting. I'm hoping to pop out to Superdrug tomorrow to purchase one of the amazing Superdrug palette's that Ive heard so much about from you ladies. Night all, Lou x

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Dermalogica review and recomendations please

Well Ive been using the Dermalogica medibac range since Wednesday and its brought me out in lots of little yucky red and white spots :(
Soooo that was a waste of money, i had such high hopes for it. Although i may keep using the mattifier as it was really good but i think that the cleanser is just definitely too harsh for my skin.
So does anyone have any recommendations for anything that's worked for them, something that will not irritate my sensitive skin but will help clear the spots that plague my jawline and leave me with gorgeous, clear skin (a girl can dream)
Help please!!!! Lou x

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Whilst spending a Saturday night in (it should be illegal), i decided to share with you some of my fave celeb looks of the moment.

Blair Waldorf- Gossip Girl
Ive never actually seen the show but i am in love with Blair's look here. So much so i may have to start tuning in.

Blair is on the left

Cat Deeley

Ive always loved Cats style, the glossy california girl look (even though shes a Brummie) tanned skin and flowing blonde hair. With her looks she could pull anything off, and recently shes been wearing some incredible pieces. Like this amazing dress teamed with Alexander McQueen heels.

Selma Blair
Ive never been a fan of Selma Blair's style but i saw her in this Versace dress and i am in love with it. She looks fab.

Im off to bed, wild night, NOT lol, Lou x

Highs/lows of the day

* The Hills marathon on MTV this afternoon
* Job prospects are looking up
* Were having some French students to stay to learn English and I'm really excited
* Honeydew melon, soooo good
* I'm going to have a mammoth pamper session tonight
* My hair feeling super silky after i used TIGI Bedhead Dumb blonde reconstructor conditioner on it then left it to dry naturally

* My new Dermalogica skin regime seems to be bringing my face out in a rash
* I was meant to be going camping this weekend but we're changed it to another time
* Staying in on a Saturday night
* Lack off willpower with my healthy eating regime. I have 3 weeks to fit in my blue dress and its not looking good lol
* No holiday to look forward to

Hope everyones good, Lou x

Benefit Bad Gal mascara review

Hey on this sunny Saturday. Time for a lil review. I got a Benefit bad gal mascara with Glamour magazine and Ive been using it for the past week, so here's what i thought of it.
The main thing i noticed with this is that you have to apply lots of coats in order to achieve a noticeable look. The Benefit site states that it is a mascara "With a big, bad brush and a rich, black formula, it's like wearing a set of false eyelashes without the glue". Hmmmm now that is definitely debatable. For day use perhaps it could be deemed as ok, but i definitely wouldn't bother if it you are looking for the false lash look that Benefit claim. Another thing i found was that i had to check my face a few times during the day as it had a tendency to smudge, the panda look is definitely not sexy. I'm glad this was a freebie and i didn't waste my money on it, Lou x

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Drag me to hell

I went to see Drag me to hell in the cinema yesterday (gotta love orange Wednesdays) and all i can say is that its brill. I have a love/hate relationship with horrors, i like the idea of them but spend the entire time with my eyes shut or hiding behind something lol.

Drag me to hell is the perfect combo of fright and intrigue. Also check out the old lady's sexy manicure, you'll know what i meant if you've seen it, ha ha, Lou x

Dermalogica MediBac

Hey guys, i bought the Dermalogica MediBac set from and received it yesterday. I wouldn't recommend this site as the kit cost £29.00 but i then had to pay £12.00 in customs charges on top of this :(
I'm 23 now and have had rubbish skin for about 8 years or so, I'm pretty used to it, and its definitely not as bad as it used to be, but in my relentless pursuit of perfection i wanted to give this a try.
The set contains:
Clearing Skin Wash 50ml
Clearing Mattifier 15ml
Overnight Clearing Gel 15ml
Concealing Spot Treatment 3ml
Sebum Clearing Masque 22ml

Ive heard so much about Dermalogica, some good, some bad. I decided on this set as i didn't want to have to buy full sizes then decide the stuff didn't work for me. So far Ive only used it twice but I'm hoping for great things. Has anyone else tried it? Full reviews will follow in about a week.Lou x

Monday, 8 June 2009

Wish List

Hi guys, Happy Monday, Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I went to a kite festival on Saturday which was really fun in a geeky way. It was freeeezing though. Wheres the heat gone?
Im doing some work experience at the moment and theres been some hints that it could turn into a permanent position so Ive already got my 1st pay cheque spent (getting a bit ahead of myself i know haha).
I really want the Macrame sundress from Topshop. Perfect for summer days and nights.
I am in love with these sexy heels. I think they'll go perfectly with loads of stuff and look great with a tan.

And last but not least....
Viktor and Rolf flower bomb, i smelt it the other week and i haven't been able to stop thinking about it.
Now all i need is to get the job!!!
Whats on everyone elses wishlist? Lou x

Saturday, 6 June 2009

ASOS dress

I ordered this dress from ASOS on monday and it came today. I was lusting over it ages ago and then i looked on the clearance section and i discovered its now only £18, bonus! Its a gorgeous vibrant blue with ruched sides and a cute bow. Only problem is its a bit tight :( I have a couple of weeks until i want to wear it for a friends birthday so its rabbit food until then! I dont know what colour accessories to wear with it though, any ideas? Lou x

Friday, 5 June 2009

My poor Nars Orgasm :(

I went out last night, had a couple of sherries ha ha and what do you know? I drop my Nars Orgasm blush onto the floor and the entire contents crumbles. RIP!!! Does anyone else do silly things like this when inebriated? Lou x

Thursday, 4 June 2009

The return of Big Brother

I tell myself every year that i wont watch it but it inevitably gets under my skin. Who knows what the next few months will bring, but one things for certain, Davina will be wearing black. Add a splash of colour girl!!! x

Todays purchases

I was in dire need of some face powder so i hot footed it down to Boots and picked up some Rimmel stay matte pressed face powder. I really like this, its good value and long lasting. I also got myself some Baptiste dry shampoo in tropical. I swear by this, it is pretty amazing. I used it when i was travelling so the smell always takes me back to good times. A clear Natural Collection varnish also popped into my basket as did Rimmel 60 seconds varnish in coralicious. Ive been coveting a coral polish for a while so couldn't resist when i spotted this beauty. I put it on earlier as i wanted to test whether the claim of "one coat, quick and easy to apply. Dries in under 60 seconds" was actually true. And well done Rimmel. I'm such a geek that i timed exactly 60 secs and low and behold, dry!!! One coat also looked rather good, but i imagine it would look even better with two. Can anyone recommend another brand with a coral polish?

I also picked up some lovely hairbands from Peacocks. Ive wanted a plaited one for ages but i found it impossible to find one in my colour. Theres nothing worse than them looking fake. So when i came across this i was v happy, Lou x

Benefit boi-ing and You Rebel reviews

I was so excited to receive these products Ive been walking around looking like a hobo for the past week. I used them this morning and after i recieved a kind request im gonna review them for you guys.

You Rebel
This product was really easy to apply and offers good coverage for a tinted moisturiser, some Ive had in the past have had the consistency of water. The colour is good, its meant to suit most skin tones and i found it complimented me perfectly. As i am often plagued with spots i found i needed to dab some concealer on which is where my Boi-ing came in. I lightly dusted some power over my face to take off the sheen, i have oily skin, so that is always expected. It lasted all day without me having to touch up. Fab product.
I am in LOVE with this concealer. As i mentioned my skin sometimes breaks out and this concealer disguised that perfectly. My baggy tired eyes were no longer and it lasted all day without creasing. Goodtimes!!!
The products i used today are below

Mac blusher in Peach Melba, Lancome juicy tube Berry bold, Benefit Hoola, Loreal colour appeal (sorry don't know shade), Benefit Boi-ing in 2 and FCUK eyeshadow (don't know shade)

New purchases

After waiting in all day yesterday for my delivery from Boots it came today. I picked up a pot of Origins never a dull moment as ive heard such fab things about it and im hoping its going to be as good as i hope.

Benefit Boi-ing concealer, i've been using a really horrible Natural collections one for the past week so im excited to try this out.

Finally some Benefit you Rebel tinted moisturiser, as the weather is hotting up i decided to ditch the foundation and embrace my skin, with a bit of coverage of course im not that brave lol.

I got a free Benefit Her glossiness lipgloss but im not too keen on the shade so may give it away. Reviews shall follow, what a lovely day it is. Sun, sun sun Lou x

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hair remedy deep down revitaliser review

Well i was in Wilkinson's last week about to buy a bottle of Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner when on the shelf next to it i spotted Hair Remedy's deep down revitaliser.
It has the same ingredient as the Aussie product (balm mint) but is considerably cheaper. I thought that for £1.75 i might as well give it a try and its seriously amazing.
The ends of my hair are dry and after blow drying it generally seems a bit frizzy and in bad condition. I used this product instead of my usual conditioner and left it on for about 5minutes before rinsing my hair, it now feels sleek, soft and the ends are in considerably better condition. Brilliant result for bargain beauty. Although the smell of it is less than desirable, Lou x

Love Accessorize

How cute is this ring? im not in love at the moment :( so this could be just what i need lol, Lou x

More about moi

*What is your current fashion obsession? anything coral
*What is your current makeup obsession? Nars blusher in Orgasm
*What are you wearing today? Primark skinnies, Topshop over sized checked shirt, black Havaianas
*Hair? Questionable, lets just say you could fry chips on it (I'm not leaving the house by the way lol)
*Do you nap a lot? Never, unless I'm majorly hungover
*Why is today special? My friends staying over and were gonna have a fab girlie night
*What would you like to learn to do? Learn the piano and another language, i am in awe of people who can
*What's for dinner today? Chickpea and chilli soup
*What are you listening to right now? MGMT
*What is your favourite weather? Sun sun sun
*What's the last thing you bought? Some chewing gum, exciting!!
*What are your essentials when travelling? Ipod, book, money, good company
*What's your style? Generally whats in, i don't try to follow trends though, i just buy what i like in the shops
*What's your most challenging goal right now? Getting a paid job
*If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would it be? New York, or Malibu
*Favourite holiday spot? New York, New York!!
*Name the things you cannot live without-Family & friends, the Internet, makeup
*What would you like to have in your hands right now? A pot of gold
*What would you like to get rid of? A few excess pounds lol
*What are you most excited for? Camping next weekend
*If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go and what would you do? Id go to New York and just sit in Central Park
*Which countries have you visited? Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Turkey, Canada, Mexico and the USA
*What scares you? I worry about everything oh and birds

Todays outfit

Primark indigo skinnies
Topshop oversized checked shirt
Havaiana black flip flops
Gold bangles

Zac Posen

I am in LOVE with this dress, its so luxe. I think its basically magnificent. Now where can i find a spare £2,460 from hmmmm, Lou x

Kate Hudson

Im really loving Kates look here. Ive always thought she looks really pretty at red carpet events but shes shown here that she can also pull off laid back casual. I especially love her hair. A message to my hair, please please grow.

Nails Inc review

I bought InStyle magazine last week, mainly for the free Nails Inc varnish. I got it in Coral, in the bottle its really lush, juicy and bright but sadly on its completely different.
It took 3 coats to get good streak free coverage and even then it didn't wow me. Its not the first time ive used Nails Inc, i had a couple of bottle a few years ago, but now it really didnt cut it for me. By the next day it had already chipped and you really dont expect that of a nail polish with such a high rrp. Pretty disapointed, i shall be sticking with my Barry M and Essie from now on.

Highs/lows of the day

* My friend is coming over tonight and were going to have a lovely time pigging out on chocolate and watching chick flicks. Its fab to be a girl.
* My new white and black leopard print top from Primark. Coming in at a bargainous £4 who can argue with that?
*Yummy chickpea and chilli soup for dinner, I'm easily excited.
*I can't wait till i get my hair cut on Saturday, I'm debating getting a fringe again, but the last time all it did as annoy me
*Whilst waiting in for a delivery (see below) im indulging in some daytime tv, Come dine with me. I heart it

*Parcel deliveries, why do they never come when they say they will? I'm sitting here like an idiot staring out of the window lol
*Where's the sun gone?
*I can't stop eating, put down the toast and Marmite

First blog whoop

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. After months of reading others peoples, being really impressed and ummmming and ahhhing about making one Ive finally taken the plunge whoop. Basically I'm going to see this space as a place to discuss my fave and not so fave things about everything. I do love a good moan ha ha. My main loves are fashion and beauty, so these are going to feature quite heavily, i really don't need any more encouragement to partake in a fashion or beauty spree. That's enough info for today i think. Have a nice day. Love Lou x