Friday, 26 June 2009


Hey guys, hope your all good. Well my ups and downs for this week are:

* Booked tickets to go and see Bloc Party in October and Backstreet Boys in November. So excited!!! And yes, i do have varied musical tastes lol

* Love my new Warehouse dress for my friends birthday night out

* Risotto for dinner mmmmmm, well I'm hoping its mmmmm, Ive been known to have the odd culinary disaster. Scrambled egg carbonara anyone?

* The weather

* Going to my towns fayre on Sunday, hope the weather is nice

* Been on lots of lovely countryside walks this week

* Michael Jackson's death :(

* Nearly getting savaged by a rabid dog

* Needing new foundation, i want to try something different. Any recommendations for an amazing one?

More ups than downs, always good!!

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  1. I thought BSB's had split up! Oh dear, I'm out of touch with the pop world :)

    I <3 countryside walks. xx

  2. no no lol. One left, but they are still going strong haha xx

  3. Ah I see. Who left!? LOL.

  4. all apart from Kevin, and he was never any good anyway lolxx

  5. revlon colour stay is worth a try. its the best drugstore one ive come across. i saw back street boys last year!! love it! lol x

  6. Good news about Bloc Party. I love them!
    Bet you're pleased to be going to see them.
    By the way, my blog has moved. Please can you pop by my new one?x

  7. I have tagged you in my latest post. Go have a look :)


  8. Hi Lou
    I have tagged you in something. See my blog! xx

  9. I love that you have a varied musica tase too, I saw Girls Aloud and Britney a few months ago, and seeing Greenday in October!
    Like the blog by the way x

  10. I used to love the BSB when I was 15, my bedroom walls were covered in posters!ha ha.I still have a soft post for Nick (is it bad that I just admitted that????)...great blog...come check mine out if you get a chance x

  11. hey.. hope you're still blogging! you haven't updated in a while? xx

  12. Hi hun, shared some love for you on my blog! :) Check it out:

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