Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Todays purchases

After work today i took a lil trip to my fave shop, Wilkinsons. I heart it cos its super cheap and what with this bloody recession haha. So i bought:

2x Palmers Cocoa butters- I love this so much. It leaves my skin feeling firm and moisturised and i love the smell. I picked up 2 as i couldn't resist at £1.49. What a bargain! so much cheaper than Boots etc.

Nice and Easy root touch up- I used to used dye all over my hair until i realised the error of my ways, so now i stick to the roots and this blends effortlessly with most shades.

Clean and clear exfoliating face wash- After my disaster with Dermalogica that my skin is still recovering from (I'm pretty annoyed as my skin was reasonably good before, now its horrible) i decided to pick something else up that would hopefully help and wouldn't be as harsh. Id heard a good review about this, and it doesn't contain salicylic acid which is good as I'm thinking it must be the reason for my bad reaction. I used it for the first time earlier and ill let you know how i get on with it.

Sally Hansen french manicure kit- I was in dire need of one of these but sadly i got home and one of my nails broke :( so i may have to wait a few week to use it.

Skin inspirations (think its Wilkinsons own brand) body butter in Coconut- I only bought this because its coconut but I'm glad i did, its gorge. Really thick and it leaves my skin really silky and smelling beautifully.

And the essentials

Mitchum deodorant- This leaves you feeling fresh and sweat free even the day after you've applied, i don't often do this though haha.

Bic razors- I always stick to Bic as i find that they don't irritate like some razors.

That's all folks, not particularly exciting. I'm hoping to pop out to Superdrug tomorrow to purchase one of the amazing Superdrug palette's that Ive heard so much about from you ladies. Night all, Lou x


  1. Mitchum is the best deodrant ever- I don't ever use anything else!

    Love Wilkinsons too for cheap beauty stuff!

  2. I didn't even know Wilkos did beauty stuff! I need to get involved! :)

  3. Mithum is my holy grail of deodrants. Can't believe how cheap Palmers Coco butter is, i love that stuff! x

  4. i know i was so impressed when i saw it, i get scared its gonna go up though so i always buy 2 but slather double the ammount on, so my logic isnt v good lol x

  5. @victoria, get yourself down there pronto lady lol. They always have buy one get ones free on aswell, Love it x

  6. Wow cocoa butter's just $1.49?! I have a Wilkinsons 5 mins away but always end up in Superdrug or Boots for my body/bath stuff instead.

    Will make a note to go there instead next time.

  7. £1.49 for the palmers is great! I would have got a couple too!

  8. I love Palmers Cocoa Butter...it's one of my staple moisturisers!Great blog, enjoyed reading it. Come drop by mine sometime x