Monday, 22 June 2009

Primark nail varnish and lipgloss reviews

As you may have seen from an earlier post i bought a Primark lip gloss and nail varnishes the other day. Ive used them and wanted to let you know how i got on with them.

The packaging doesn't reveal any names but the gloss is a peachy/orange colour and the nail varnishes are mint and sparkly jade.
The gloss is not very pigmented and i felt like i had to use alot in order for it to show up. Its not incredibly thin but as someone who likes a thick gloss eg Juicy tubes, this didn't work for me. The gloss seemed to wear off rapidly without eating and drinking and left my lips feeling dry. Not too surprised really as it was only £1.00.

I was pleasantly surprised with the nail varnish. It had a good consistency and the brush was a reasonable size. I had to apply 3 coats which then gave good coverage and it has lasted 2 days without chipping so far. The colour reminds me of Barry M's mint green. I received loads of compliments about it today, which is always nice.

Apologies for the slightly blurry photos. I need to get my other camera fixed as i damaged it whilst travelling :(
Lou xx


  1. looks like another dupe for MAC's peppermint patty! x

  2. The nail polishes look nice, I was looking at them the other day. There are some really nice colours.

  3. woow i really want that nail polish!!

  4. yes, that nail varnish is exactly like the mint green Barry M one.
    I'm currently sporting the Barry M one on my toes!x

  5. I have to get that polish- looks great! But you have lovely shaped nails which helps!!!