Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Highs/lows of the day

* My friend is coming over tonight and were going to have a lovely time pigging out on chocolate and watching chick flicks. Its fab to be a girl.
* My new white and black leopard print top from Primark. Coming in at a bargainous £4 who can argue with that?
*Yummy chickpea and chilli soup for dinner, I'm easily excited.
*I can't wait till i get my hair cut on Saturday, I'm debating getting a fringe again, but the last time all it did as annoy me
*Whilst waiting in for a delivery (see below) im indulging in some daytime tv, Come dine with me. I heart it

*Parcel deliveries, why do they never come when they say they will? I'm sitting here like an idiot staring out of the window lol
*Where's the sun gone?
*I can't stop eating, put down the toast and Marmite

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