Friday, 26 June 2009

40 followers whoop- Giveaway

Yay Ive reached 40 followers. Thank you guys that's amazing. As i said a few days ago, when i reach 40 I'm going to have a little give competition.

So here it is, nothing too extravagant though sorry guys. Just a token of my appreciation.

Ill be giving away a pack of Girls Aloud lashes and a Barry M nail polish. I haven't bought them yet so the winner is free to choose the lashes and colour of polish they want.

All you have to do is write a comment on this post telling me the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you. Tales of tripping over in front of crushes are always welcome, sorry ladies haha.

Ill be drawing the winner next Friday so you have a week to enter. Id like more than 10 people though, it makes it fun, so if less people enter i may have to postpone.

Oh and the only rule is that you HAVE to be a FOLLOWER. Thanks guys, this will be fun, Lou xxx

ps- dont forget to check out Reaching for the stars fab giveaway, it ends tonight


  1. One of my most embarrasing moments was when I worked at Boots while I was doing my a-levels.

    I needed to close my till and I had my head down serving a customer when I noticed someone had joined the queue.

    I said "I'm sorry, I'm closing after this lady".

    When I looked up at the person I was serving it was in fact not a lady, but a man with long hair.


    Please enter me in your comp!xxx

  2. ooh thats a good one lady xx

  3. After bunking off an A-level media studies trip with friends I ended up falling down the stairs of a packed McDonalds on Oxf St and breaking my heel in the process!
    I hobbled across the street to Faith who luckily still stocked my shoes and lied saying that the heel had caught in a crack in the pavement and should have witheld the strain.

    Had a bruised ego, laddered tights - but new shoes! Result! LOL

  4. Ok years ago when i was about 13, it was summer and really hot, so i bought some wet wipes to wipe my face, then went to the cinema with friends. Come out 3 hours later and people are pointing and laughing, turns out I'm orange!
    I check my bag and those 'wet wipes' were actually 'tan wipes'! which i had never heard of, seeing as fake tan wasn't a big deal back then. My face and neck were bright orange for weeks and i had to walk around in shame
    : (

  5. When I was 13 my friend and I created business cards for ourselves and wrote on them- 'occupation: model', husband: 'Sam' who was a guy from school. He was my school crush for about 5 years. Anyway this card fell out whilst I was waiting for the bus and one of the school boys picked it up and showed it to everyone, including Sam. It was so SO embarassing and I had to suffer the whole bus journey home being teased about it!

    Good idea for a comp- I've been laughing at the other stories! xxx

  6. when my boyfriend and I had been together a few months he took me shopping in manchester to choose some jewellery as my xmas present, at one jewellers I lent forward looking at something in the display window and misjudged how close I was and head butted the window quite hard in front of him and quite a few other people looking themselves! very embarassing!! xxx

  7. Fab giveaway. The most embarrassing thing that's happened to me is I was walking down the street, rushing to get somewhere. There was a big crowd of men/boys getting off a coach about 20ft ahead of me. I was feeling pretty good about myself that day, feeling kind of pretty, so I thought I'd give one of them a flirty, demure smile as I strode past. Anyway, I'm getting all worked up to do this, flash him this smile and a come-hither look and bang, smack into a lamp post. Of course all of them see me, laugh hysterically, and to make matters even worse, I said sorry to the lamp post - I thought it was a person.

    And hi by the way, I'm Lil - a new follower!

  8. Hi hun, this was pretty recently. I was walking to work in my fab new dress from Zara so i felt super sexy. Its about a 20 minute walk to my work and when i was about 15 mins in i started to feel a bit cold. I ran my hand over my dress and realised that it was tucked into my tights at the back exposing me to everyone! To make it worse i walk along a really busy road and past a high school, i see these people everyday! x

  9. oh my, ive had so many!!
    Lets just say the main one involves sports day at school, we had to dress up as cowgirls, out came the light blue denim hotpants, and then, along came mother nature. was not good! xx

  10. Hey, great idea :) Mine was about 5 years ago. Me and a friend went to Subway opposite a busy (albeit chavvy) pub on a Saturday night at about 6 pm, after our shopping trip. About 10 lads followed us in, all rowdy and a bit fit too. I got a large coke but they didnt have any of those little lids? By the time we'd eaten so had the lads and on the way out the one that was in front of us held the door open for me. I got to it and he let go, but I had still made it out. Unfortunatly, my flip flop hadn't, and was wedged under the door. I didn't know this so started to walk but obviously I couldn't lift my foot my knees buckled I fell over and poured the entire large coke all over my head. My hair was soaking (obviously) and my WHITE clothes were ruined. And all the lads, people stood the pub opp and the bouncers pissed themselves. I was so cross with myself!!!!

  11. This seems like fun ..... Mines was over a year ago and I had already fallen over ( due to £1 drinks all night ) abour a week before I met my boyfriend for the first time. On the night we met we went to his local club and I went to the toilet which was upstairs and on the way out fell right down a small flight of stairs, looked up thinking nobody I knew was about and my now boyfriend was standing being a gentleman waiting on me. I was mortified! I ended up in the hospital with a sprained knee which I had no idea you could do, some first date but we're still together now so :)

  12. i thought i had already entered this but obviously not!! i've had a LOT of embaressing moments.. although once of the worst had to be when i was really drunk at a friends 'gig' once, they were doing a pop punk cover of 'hero' by my iglasias (i dont know how to spell it) himself.. anyway i hopped up on the stage and sang my little heart out. the next morning i woke up to the sound of my own voice, cofused and hungover i sat up and realised my friends brother was watching me singing, on stage, on the computer.... yeah, you guessed it. it had been filmed, emailed, youtube'd and everything. i still havent lived it down and it was about 4 years ago.

    please enter me!!!! im so so so so so sorry myentry is late xx