Sunday, 14 June 2009

Dermalogica review and recomendations please

Well Ive been using the Dermalogica medibac range since Wednesday and its brought me out in lots of little yucky red and white spots :(
Soooo that was a waste of money, i had such high hopes for it. Although i may keep using the mattifier as it was really good but i think that the cleanser is just definitely too harsh for my skin.
So does anyone have any recommendations for anything that's worked for them, something that will not irritate my sensitive skin but will help clear the spots that plague my jawline and leave me with gorgeous, clear skin (a girl can dream)
Help please!!!! Lou x


  1. Aww gutting, i still have to sample sachets from Dermalogica which i haven't got round to using yet.

    I have quite sensitive skin and iv found that the Boots own vitamin e and cucumber ranges cleanser and toners work quite well x

  2. Dermalogica didn't agree with my skin either..I really wanted it to coz I had heard such good things about it but it just wasn't meant to be :(

    I prefer milky/creamy cleansers as I feel like these shift my make-up really well. You could try a Boots own or something from The Body Shop? They all seem fairly gentle.


  3. Has anyone had a professional consultation from Dermalogica? I did and it really helped... their products are designed to be prescribed by a professional, so that you get the right ones for your skin - and it was free! Their products are designed to mix and match according to what your skin needs. From the sounds of it, you prob don't have full on acne, and might need a gentler normal cleanser coupled with a more treatment type product. Thats what they gave me, I use Special Cleansing Gel to cleanse, and then this overnight gel to help clear the few spots I have around my chin. Its working for me, might be worth a go.

  4. thanks for the recommendations ladies xx

  5. Hi there

    I used to use some great skin supplements called 'About Face', which were great for my skin (which has always been a bit dodgy since I was about 13).
    These were discontinued though : (
    Luckily, i've found another product - it's just called 'Hair, Skin and Nails' and you can get it from your health food shop.
    You take one tablet a day and my skin has never been better xx