Saturday, 13 June 2009

Highs/lows of the day

* The Hills marathon on MTV this afternoon
* Job prospects are looking up
* Were having some French students to stay to learn English and I'm really excited
* Honeydew melon, soooo good
* I'm going to have a mammoth pamper session tonight
* My hair feeling super silky after i used TIGI Bedhead Dumb blonde reconstructor conditioner on it then left it to dry naturally

* My new Dermalogica skin regime seems to be bringing my face out in a rash
* I was meant to be going camping this weekend but we're changed it to another time
* Staying in on a Saturday night
* Lack off willpower with my healthy eating regime. I have 3 weeks to fit in my blue dress and its not looking good lol
* No holiday to look forward to

Hope everyones good, Lou x


  1. Thanks for following my blog hun! Have done the same for yours too.

    Dermalogica had the same effect on my skin. I was gutted coz it cost me loads of ££ and there was no way I could carry on using it. But I stuck it on ebay and it sold for nearly full price anyway! :)


  2. i may try it for another day or so and see how its goes, pretty disappointed though, any ideas of another band to try x