Saturday, 20 June 2009

Primark spree

Happy Saturday people, hope the weather has been good where you are. Its been horrible here, so to cheer myself up a trip to Primark was on the agenda.
Ive wanted a trench coat for ages so i was made up when i saw this at such a great price, it will take me from Summer thorough Autumn effortlessly.

Some cute pillows. My room is black and white so i want to jazz it up a bit and at £2.00 a pillow i just couldn't say no.

Tan flats, i love the gold knotted feature.

Some jewelery. I love Primark for its jewelery. Its so cheap that once Ive gone off it i don't feel bad about wasting money.

And last but not least, a lip gloss and two nail varnishes.

Ive seen their range a few times and was pretty dubious to be honest, but at £1.00 each, i thought why not! I only actually wanted the plain green varnish, glitter isn't really me. I havent tried them yet, ill let you know if their any good tommorow.
I'm off to the cinema tonight to see Last house on the left, Im preparing myself to be scared haha. Have a brilliant night everyone, Lou x


  1. Nice goodies hun - I love the trench - I quite like the Primark eyeliners :)

  2. Love Primark! The trench and flats are loevely an thos pillows are adorable x x x

  3. Loooveeee primark :) they sell awesome coats and shoes and my mum bought some cushions from there recently :) cute goodies xxxxxx

  4. Were you scared at the film hun? I need a trip to Primark to get some bits and bats, shoes jewellery etc. That trench coat is nice! x

  5. it was a bit jumpy, but more gorey and sick really haha. Wasnt really my thing.
    Thanks guys xx

  6. Love he cushions. Be careful with Primark make up, i lov the nail polishes but i got a face highlighter to try out and my skin reacted badly to it :(

  7. Those cushions are lovely!