Thursday, 11 June 2009

Dermalogica MediBac

Hey guys, i bought the Dermalogica MediBac set from and received it yesterday. I wouldn't recommend this site as the kit cost £29.00 but i then had to pay £12.00 in customs charges on top of this :(
I'm 23 now and have had rubbish skin for about 8 years or so, I'm pretty used to it, and its definitely not as bad as it used to be, but in my relentless pursuit of perfection i wanted to give this a try.
The set contains:
Clearing Skin Wash 50ml
Clearing Mattifier 15ml
Overnight Clearing Gel 15ml
Concealing Spot Treatment 3ml
Sebum Clearing Masque 22ml

Ive heard so much about Dermalogica, some good, some bad. I decided on this set as i didn't want to have to buy full sizes then decide the stuff didn't work for me. So far Ive only used it twice but I'm hoping for great things. Has anyone else tried it? Full reviews will follow in about a week.Lou x

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  1. I have used this range and I did see some good results after a few days of using the wash and clearing gel. But, be warned, this stuff is HARSH. If you are acne prone but sensitive then the salicylic acid might be too much (especially 2x a day, everyday). I had a terrible reaction 3-4 days in to using this stuff and had to stop using it. My skin felt burnt and went incredibly dry and flaky. It took a few weeks to recover. But if you're usually fine with products that contain salicylic acid then you'll probably be ok! It def was clearing up my spots before I reacted to it. Hope you have better luck than me, I can relate to the neverending search for the secret to clear skin! xxx