Wednesday, 3 June 2009

First blog whoop

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. After months of reading others peoples, being really impressed and ummmming and ahhhing about making one Ive finally taken the plunge whoop. Basically I'm going to see this space as a place to discuss my fave and not so fave things about everything. I do love a good moan ha ha. My main loves are fashion and beauty, so these are going to feature quite heavily, i really don't need any more encouragement to partake in a fashion or beauty spree. That's enough info for today i think. Have a nice day. Love Lou x


  1. Yay! Loving it so far and thanks for following me, I've returned the favour! x

  2. thanks, your blog is cool, i love new york too, such an amazing place. I hope i keep this up and its not a passing fad for me lol x